Buy Back, Give Back

LoveCrazy Designs is excited to announce one of the most unique programs to it's customers.  The Buy Back, Give Back, program allows customers to sell back their non personalized cuffs within the first year of purchase for up to 70% credit towards another LoveCrazy Designs product.  When you send back your gently used item that item, upon approval, will be added to the Gently Loved section on the website.  These items will be sold at a significant discount.  A percentage of the sales will then be donated to a non profit organization.  The following list will help you when and if you decide to be a part of the program.  

  • All buy backs must be within a year of purchase. 
  • You will get up to 70% credit for good condition with the tin.  
  • If you no longer have the flower tin or keep it, you can't get more than 50% credit towards a different product. 
  • Buyer pays shipping back to LoveCrazy Designs.  If it is decided that the product is not in good enough quality to resale, buyer pays shipping back from LoveCrazy designs to you.
  • There is only a one time buy back on original purchase.  
  • All Gently Loved purchases are non refundable.  There will be multiple pics so you know exactly what you are getting and the quality.  
  • Only applies to full priced purchases on sets, cuffs, and necklaces.
  • Does not apply to any personalized or custom items. 
  • Does not apply to Vintage or one of a kind cuffs. 
  • Does not apply to limited edition purses.  
  • The non profit organization will be randomly picked from nomination from the Fun with LoveCrazy Designs group.